Sep 1, 2010

tanahair thursday | wrong sentiments

Namewee got talent. No doubt.

His " 给我一点kik,来kick,kick来,对,来kik,啊对,来,­灵感来了,来,啊来’" is truly authentic and catchy.

Yet, in all his words, his anti-racist message is just purely weak, superficial and downright shallow, playing up the Malaysian Chineses' negative sentiments of horrified, anger and hatred.

On a level ground have never been able to really drill the anti-racist sentiment into the minds of the watching audience.

With just sound music and pure bitching spiced with profanity in words and pictures about few 'role models', he failed to address the real problem, the real socio-cultural setbacks that had been deteriorating in the past. What really went wrong is not really hard to figure out.

Those 'role models' are just a few victims of the brainwashing going on.
There are many many many more, some could just be 'kawan baik orang Melayu' of Namewee.

This video is just as racist as any other comment by the role model, instigating with a question 'Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?'.

Promoting this video as a cool rapping talent of a Malaysian may seem to be a right thing to do, but to put this video as a good message against racist-chauvinism and nation-building and all, with all the laurels and trophies would be a crime. Crime, in the 1st degree.

mariam mokhtar begs to differ calling it an uniting factor. well. hmmn..

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