Oct 9, 2010

etc sunday | smile responsibly

Basically (don't you just hate people who start a sentence with this word) when I welcomed my daughter into this home, it was a much relief for my wife.

Simply because my daughter, Genevieve does not create a feeding nightmare like my elder son do. Trust me when I say nightmare, it is not just your run-off-the-mill normal kid's fussy-eating nightmare. My son can go without a feed even at the tender age of 2-3months. He didn't cry for food for 5hours plus. He pushed the away anything in the mouth with his tongue. We had to forcefeed him when he had his regular meetings with the Sandman.

If it was a repeat episode with my daughter, my wife would have shorten our future fertility plan. Luckily, it wasn't.

But now, my dearest (yes, i preferred to acknowledge my wife this-a-way) bugged me for another reason to be worry of. Yep, there's so much things to worry about. Perhaps one never ever will know that until one had a successful conception and delivery. And no, this is no bragging at all. Trust me.

Dearest: how ar?

Me: How what? (in a nice way)

D: how to answer when nurse in clinic ask whether she can 'balas senyuman' (smile responsively)?

M: If she can't, say she can't lor. (And that's the Penang's 'lor'. Soft and sweet 'lor')

D: Already near 2months, still not smile, she OK or not?

M: Still bit early lor. (Yep, the same kind of 'lor')

D: Don't want to see a doctor?

M: And you know what the doctor will tell you?

D: What?

M: Your daughter lack sense of humor.

D: (smile) haha..

M: Or if the doctor can do bit suturing, probably stitch up the angle of mouth.

D: Aiyaaa... (Yes, the Penang 'Aiya', worry with minute amount of panic)

M: Don't worry, dear. Maybe we can show her more comedy show.

D: (smile)

Basically (again), my daughter can grimace very well, response to sound and follow objects with eyes.

For a girl, I don't think attaining smiling responsively is that important.

More important for her to learn how to smile responsibly.

Doesn't all parents agree with this?

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