Oct 8, 2010

friday flair | Mosque OR Superman's HQ?

 proposed Park51 community centre and mosque
Fortress of Solitude?

The proposed Islamic centre, two blocks from the site of the World Trade Centre attacks, has created widespread controversy in the United States.

The designs suggest it will have four floors taken up by a sports, fitness and swimming centre.

There will also be a child care centre, a restaurant, culinary school, art studios, exhibition space and auditorium.

The prayer space for Muslims will be on two levels in the basement, and the 12th floor will have a 9/11 memorial and sanctuary open to people of all faiths.


Izzah said...

hurmms it is not even a masjid, it's a recreational centre which have a big prayer room (space) for the muslim :)

pilocarpine said...

yes, it is a islamic center...