Oct 30, 2010

misc sun | dangerous phrases women LOVES to use

got this TOP TEN list from here. pretty interesting stuff.

I was going over them, wondering whether it was applicable to me and wifey.
  1. We need to talk
    No so much of a dangerous phrase to me. I got that a lot, usually when she's bored and I am too busy doing some nonsensical stuff, like writing this piece of blog entry =)

  2. Whatever
    Usually, this is my phrase. At times, pissed her off in a certain way. She demands clear answers, probably confirmation of me paying attention to her (which I do) but not particularly being particular bout all the options.

  3. Is there anything new you want to try in bed tonight?
    Private & Confidential...

  4. Nothing
    This was used very very frequently. Extremely dangerous. Practically a bullet-stopping phrase. But I am well-accustomed to this, so 'Nothing' always means everything to me.

    May I touch your gun

  5. The decision is yours
    This is a killer phrase. And I always keep my finger crossed if I decided to stay with my decision. If I am right, no prize for guessing it right. If it's the other way, I'll probably be verbally blown up into pieces.

    Flame Thrower

  6. You're right I should do that ..
    Never been used before.

  7. Do you know what day is it today?
    Usually I do know. I religiously keep an annual alarm for important dates.

  8. Listen to me. Are you listening
    Comes fast and furious. No serious repercussions ensue usually as once I pay attention, my reply will get her full appreciation. I will make sure it does.

  9. What are you doing? Do you have to do this now?
    Now, this happen regularly, but I fully appreciate this phrase. At least I know our meteors are now in the path to collision. Definitely super safer than 'Nothing'

  10. You're not wearing THAT, are you?
    I never get that from her. Hideous attire never do and never will make it into my closet.

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