Nov 1, 2010

back in shoes - post ATR 6 weeks

Don’t Get Drawn In

Finally, today, get to get back into 2 shoes, saying bye bye to my Aircast, after given the green light by my surgeon, Mr. M.

Mr. M made a surprising visit to the physio-rehab department and got to see me there. Assessed and gave me permission to go into 2-shoes.

He just warned me not to take any 'funny steps'.

Still walking bit like monoplegic spastic, but still the feel of my sole in the comfy of the shoe is like heaven on earth.

I guess I will take few more months before I am back into my normal stride.


seahorse27 said...

Speedy recovery to you doc~

I have something to say about your blog. I like the pictures that you use. I've never come across all those pictures that you're using... thank you for keeping the blog alive and lively :)

pilocarpine said...

those pics are just around the internet... i just pimped them here appropriately.. =)