Nov 28, 2010

back to the basics

wifey wasn't too delighted that i had to stay overnight in a conference in Penang.
on the other hand, i wasn't too happy that she didn't understand that all this was work.

i am not attending it. i was doing a major part in preparation for the final day of the conference.
the highlight of the event would be the dialogue between the fraternity's elders and the top dog of the Ministry. expecting a probable late night, to go back home through the winding roads of Batu Ferringhi, not only will it consume an hour of travelling time, it is also pretty much suicidal, unless I have the skills of Takumi Fujiwara.

the final preparation and all the print works ended 2:30am. would have been 4am, if I haven't got the best team of competent people behind me.

then something a consultant said struck me.

He was mentioning about some fellow colleagues' disappointment when the prior banquet dinner was not going to include the family members.
"Well, if you look at it, why do you want to work? Why?
To earn enough for your family, right?"
I thought of it for a while. He's right. Back to the basics.

Cavemen hunts to gather food for himself and the family.

Secretly, I wish to apologize to my dearest for my trailing thoughts of her not being understanding. I'm so sorry, dear.

I guess, somewhere, I need to strike a balance somewhere and seriously, learn the fine art of saying 'No'.

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