Nov 19, 2010

family friday | hunting

Went hunting today.

No, not like the kind of hunting as above.

But hunting for something as important as food, at times, more important than food.

The old lame saying goes: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach him to fish and he eats for life.

Yes, I am talking about education.

Been hunting around the place for a decent kindergarten, mainly not for advanced super duper education.

I guess to cultivate the culture of learning is adequate for the time being, IMHO.

Firstly, the kindy must be clean and safe, not all gloomy and third-world.

Secondly, the cost shouldn't leave me 'koyak', a term regularly used by my Consultant here.

Thirdly, lots of friends, lots of events and companionship for little Aedan.

Gone to five kindy around my neighbourhood, gone through the timetable, the syllabus, the days in the year, student-teacher ratio, the toilet and classroom.

Tiring, really.

Found the right one for him I guess without being too damaging to my wallet.

Another phase in Aedan's life begins in few months' time.

I'm confident he ain't going to cry going to school, but I'm not sure whether his naughty itchy hands will tear down the kindy.

Hopefully, not.

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