Dec 11, 2010

the scandalous HOgate

The Star today, in this beautiful Sunday morning, decided to pull the plug on the HOgate (house-officergate) with a series of exposure of the reality which probably end up making those whining letters from the house officers or their parents about 'how' busy and overworked they are, sounds like babies' cry.


The list of articles were:

Ministries order five-year moratorium on medical courses
Cleaning house
The parent trap
We should not be faulted, say housemen

Reading through them, I could not help but to point out how inappropriate for the Paper to stressed the low quality of grads from Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia or India, because through my little years with these junior doctors, I had seen more than a handful of house officers graduated from those countries having more knowledge, initiative and participation than those from local unis.

Although the aim of "meet the national target to have a doctor to population ratio of 1:600 by 2015 and 1:400 by 2020 with the present capacity" was being blamed for the present glut, I simply believe there are more scandals yet to be revealed.

If the reporters are inquisitive enough, perhaps their investigations will put more scandals to light.

If those oversea medical schools were substandard from the beginning, how do they pass recognition from our esteemed board of higher learning? How much were involved?

Local private medical schools are piggy banks held by political parties and figures. Their number and quality of lecturers are just a small fraction from what they supposed to provide in black and white. Something rather fishy brewing in the House of Hippocrates.

The principle in life is rather simple.

When something go wrong as a whole, it will involve power, money or both.


I wouldn't be suprise if the 5-years moratorium probably is just another stop-gap or smokescreen for further witch-hunt.

As for now, the house officers, the senior practitioners, the elders of the fraternity and the general public just gotta swallow the bitter pills of current predicament.

Chiptune Commando

Having said that, kudos to the elders for keeping the momentum forward in bringing in light into this HOgate.

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