Dec 16, 2010

I loooove hospital accreditation...

After my working hours being bowled over by helping out in the November's conference and the subsequent on-call marathon, my nightmare seemed to continue with the preparation for hospital accreditation, only to have fallen in love with accreditation.

Firstly, one must understand what is accreditation.

is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented.
the word itself roots from
  • ac- var. of ad- before c and qu: accede; acquire.
  • crēdere to believe, confide, entrust, give credit
Therefore, it is clear that accreditation is a process to acquire confidence, with or without the presence real substance. By substance, I mean competency, authority and credibility, of course.

I learnt about few colleagues of mine (within and out of department) who are forming an underground extraordinary league with strong anti-accreditation sentiments.

Oh, come on! There's so many things in it that we can fall in love with.

Let me list them down for future references.
  1. Fiction-writing

    Yes, it allow us to rake up some fictional stories about the minutes of meeting that we had over the last few months, plus the virtual attendance sheets of a few teaching sessions. Those masterpieces probably put Dan Brown to shame. Way to go, Dr Adahuys and Dr. Deys.

  2. Theaterical

    Better than 'Beauty and the Beast' or 'Phantom of the Opera'. All the staffs went around with their perfect mannerism and hardworking stints. The best was seeing the Sister of the ward pushing the patient for C-Section. So much of grace and poise, just lacking of the background classical music to complete the scene.

  3. Exercise


    A lot of stuffs were being moved. Into the stores. Out of the stores. Above the stores. Around the stores. Somewhere near the stores. Lots of housekeeping exercises for everyone.

    To my knowledge, the best exercise was the exercise to remove few beds from the ward to ensure good bed-to-bed distance for the 3days of accreditation and to have them moved back after it. Just think of it, how much of cardio work out that would be. Not to mentioned how much calories will be burnt from those exercises.
    Secondly, lots of legwork from 'running away from the surveyors'.

  4. Dress up

    Black bear

    Definitely a Kodak moment for everyone. Donning the white coats, most of us, if not all, looks at least 10 years younger. No kidding. One of my specialist actually look like a house officer, or a lab technician. Talk about role-playing.

  5. Wall papers

    Suddenly, the boring walls became alive again with lots of life-saving poster about what-to-dos in the event of emerging Godzillas or attack by the killer King Kong. In addition, the organization charts were revived with lots of vibrant personal photos.

All the fiction-writing, theaterical, exercises, dressing up, wall papers and the whole shebangs of creativity...

Now, don't you simply loooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee accreditation?
No wonder the Ministry are spending so much of moolahs on it...

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