Jan 4, 2011

screwing up is not part of life

Not been writing much lately. probably it's a good thing, because I found that some visitors who found their way to my blog are googling up the wrong version of my name.

Thus, I can safely conclude that those people are not really close to me, but wish to read into some of my personal thoughts and opinions.

Somehow, I guess I am just being paranoia. You never really know how people who can find their way through to others or their family online and affect their life in a major way.

But anyway, at times, one don't really need someone else to help them screw up their life.

Some people are just super talented in screwing up their own life.

New face

I guess at this point, I choose to keep quiet and stand beside that person and be an entertained audience.

Sad Girl

From the beginning, I had always known it to be a tearjerker black comedy movie, masquerading as a lovely fairytale.

It is my personal opinion NOT to deprive anyone of the bitterness in life.

I will keep my fingers crossed that this bitterness will not be a permanent scar that swallows up whatever nice parts of this person's life.

P.S. a scar with mouth can be pretty scary.

epic fail photos - church marquee fail

probably a good advice...

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