Dec 27, 2010

busy monday

tired. just tired. and but still wants to rant bout it.

starting with a helping out a junior colleague with a intractable bleeding lower segment leading to a PPH, despite of so many of multiple figure of 8 sutures applied. Could have been knitting a sweater on the whole incision site.

Alternating running up and down with specialist, Dr. S, attending to another fetal bradycardia at labor room, leading to ventouse and subsequent shoulder dystocia.

As I sat down to document the storm that I thought was passing, a house officer sheepishly said: I think someone in triage with a cord prolapse.

Rushed to triage only to find speculum findings of bulging membrane. Per abdomen fetal at oblique lie. I let the house officer to have the privilege of doing the vaginal examination to confirm any cord presentation.

His reply: Something beady. plastic. funny, non-pulsatile
My super-duper-soft reply: Then, you should take further history from the husband.

I confirmed it to be hand presentation with os 6cm. Sent her off for the usual C.

Rested a while during case presentation, followed by calls from triage with a row of patients suspicious of having pre-eclampsia.

Did a brief labor room round and found out a fifth-posting house officer having done medical does not know what to look for in peripheral blood film and does not know what TIBC stands for. Reason being: I forgot.

Perhaps the 2 yearly housemanship should be a loop, keep repeating until one really remembers and then they go off the tangent.

The night time was well-filled up for a farewell for 2 specialists, one junior and one senior.

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