Mar 1, 2011

flat tyre

My last 2 on calls were perfect reminders of my active on calls back in my previous hospy, where the exceptional ninja skills of body-splitting can come in handy. Just that in this new hospy, I had to split further, across the road, to the maternity hospital.

It is always a proud thing to be placed in a position to be called 'wise', but somehow when crisis cropped up simultaneously in both sides across the road, it somehow felt 'otherwise'.

I don't need others to tell me the above fact, my (actually my wife's) apple green Myvi indicate to me in the most obvious way ever. The right rear tyre went limp the next day, after commuting to-and-fro during ungodly hours the day prior.

I wish I can have a new tyre just like that.

Tired out myself.
Tired out the car.

Break my wallet for the extra petrol consumption and tyres change.

If this have to continue, probably I will have to hitch hike on the white ambu.

P.S. Thanks to Dr. S's advice. I think she's right. We shouldn't take everything in, there's always another person. Let that person have the dignity of doing his/her job. Respect.

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