Mar 1, 2011

broke and broken but still smiling

the 3 days intensive course is finally over. Broke, broken but smiling.

I got so much to say but I forgotten to hand in the feedback form.

What can I say, I am getting old. Anyone getting younger?

Being postcall, I rushed to airport at 5am, thanks to SY's voluntary cover for few hours till 8am.

Upon reaching the East Coast, the airport cab Daytonaed me to the HUSM, only to have me going around the hospital in circle for 15mins, trying to figure out where is the place of the course. Somemore, the people that I asked for directions gave me contradicting directions till I met someone who are willing to take me there.

The whole course was kind of a repeat for the USMers, where they already had it for the duration for 2 weeks much earlier.

It is now a 3days course, which made it much much much much much (enuff of 'much'?) more intensive.

Here's my feedback for the course.

The course co-ordinators: funny and praiseworthy
Dr. A and Dr. A both diligently preparing everything required for the course. Dr. A was particularly a spontaneous humorous person making all the right comment at the right time. The most memorable was "Dr. xxx is going to talk about gonads. Ah, yes, gonads."

The course: Testing our attention span.
The whole roster of one lecture after another, after another, and another from 8 am till 5pm with small breaks and lunch break doesn't really fit into the model of effective learning.

Personally, it is more of like 'lets do this compulsory thingy and get over it'.

Nevertheless, collecting from here and there, I am graciously thankful that they managed to let us see a clearer picture of the scope of the coming exam, which is fundamentally-based on applied science. Seriously.

It is like basic science is part 1, clinical is part 2,
and so, this coming exam is sort of like Part 1.5 for applied science.
At one point, we're being told that it is essential for us to master intubation for adult patient and to think like orthopedics in another question.

Therefore after this 1st year, our 2nd till 4th year, we can kick back and relax and focus on the unfinished 0.5, consistent with the old adage saying 'Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian'. Afterall, we should do much much more when we're young (I mean, less old), right?

The mock exam: Mockingly uplifting
The only reason it is being called mock exam is because it is mocking at us.

Breaking Point WIP

MCQ: almost pass, Essay: fail miserably, OSCE: comfortable pass. Once a while, being mock at can be an uplifting experience. Now, I am getting back my mojo after some much-confused times. And I starting to focus on studying back. Not that I have other choices, anyway.

The city: Laidback
Relaxing suburb. Everyone just lepak. There's absolutely nightlife here, just that they don't come in the form of clubs/pubs/karaoke but instead the people here, young and old, will hang out at premium 'Old Town'-like eating place till late at night and chit-chatting. At some point, the noise level plus the mozzies was intruding into my well-needed slumber. Nothing much, otherwise, because no wheel and no will to wander.

Luckily, got ample WiFi to connect with my dearest back at home.

The course charges: probably consistent with fuel/commodities inflation.

  • Fee of RM3oo per person X 29 = RM 8700.
  • Room and items: free (from faculty)
  • Speakers from faculties(16 lectures + 3 mock exam sessions = 19): probably RM 200 (200X19 = RM3800)
  • Booklets n bags: sponsored
  • Food (2tea breaks & 1 lunch/day & candies): probably RM 20/day/person (20X3X29 = RM1140)
  • Miscellaneous (couldn't think of any) but just allocate RM760
Required balance to offset possible inflation: RM3000 (No kidding)

And the unofficial news was that we're supposed to pay RM500 for coming May exam.
That's a debit of RM500X29 = RM14500. Really couldn't wait to see the breakdown of expenditure for that.

We're supposed to attend total 6 courses [4 compulsory courses (stats,basic surgical skill, basic ultrasound,basic laparoscopy) in Year 1 and Year 2, excluding intensive course and Part 1 exam] but only allowed to claim for 2 courses per year, meaning we need to break our wallets for 2 courses.

Probably some discount is warranted, because our wallets can be pretty fragile.

The extra co-curricular activities: Books and discussion.
Together with 3 coursemates, went hunting for well-known shop of MERBAU PHOTOCOPY - N6.13383, E102.24120.
They have most of the photocopy of the lastest edition of premium medical books, selling at near-dirtcheap price.

And had our only Chinese food in the Chinatown of KB before going back to our respective budget temporary residence near HUSM. The price of the food are shockingly as expensive as KL's standard.

Otherwise, over meals, the four of us will discuss about our work frustration, mainly with the house officers and some superiors, our career focus, our exam focus and our family updates. Kind of build up the camaraderie between us, although being away in different hospital scattered over the peninsular.

I will be back here in May.
Hopefully that's the last time till my final.

If it isn't the last time, I will be broken but not smiling.


eelainee said...

hey, u r USM candidate too??? first year? third year? din see u wor... should have met u up! u know Sudha then?

pilocarpine said...

hi, elaine, i gather u used ur time well in the 2weeks intensive course..

nope,i'm an UM first year candidate...

it's a conjoint intensive course.. 'a compulsory thingy'

Anonymous said...

even the claim thingy is not paid govt no money