May 10, 2011

Hair (hell) - raising incident

3 minutes of videos showing few students bullying a fellow student by cutting and pulling her hair created a turbulence in the cyberworld.

the pathetic move for the mainstream media to censor the culprits' faces is just a pathetic.
Linkthe ministry's move to suspend the culprits by 2 weeks also created the subsequent wave of turbulence.
the bigger joke was for him to stress the importance of enforcing mobile phone bans in curbing such a problem in the future.

honestly, I believe the society had run wild with its own failed logic and common sense.

conversely, i felt suspending the four bullies for 2 weeks is definitely way too long for them. It only continue to deprive them more of the necessary disciplinary action, counselling or education that they were being deprived of all this while.

the person who should be suspended is the people behind our current school system or our education system that allows such decline of discipline to continue to slide. Matter as grave as this don't happen in a blink of an eye.

This expose, in its own ugliest ways, had succeeded where no other could have achieved in a decade in slowing or perhaps deterring the culture of bullying in school, thanks to the rowdy crowd of facebookie, and indirectly the mobile phone and youtube together with the few star actresses of short video clip.

i fully agree that education ministry should not play judge, but the very least, they should recognize this problem is real, and come up with a proper game plan after a proper detailed investigaton. I am sure the public is eager to hear about it, not just the knee-jerk reminder on the handphone ban, like someone sweeping dirt under the carpet. Face it. You don't see it, doesn't mean it is not there.

Looking upon our own medical fraternity with the overproduction of house officers leading to reduced clinical exposure, it is just a matter of time, when we have our own hair-raising revolution.

Only time will tell.

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