May 11, 2011

hydrotherapy - can't live without it

somebody wondered.

why being in the department at the brink of collapse,
with the shocking scarcity of registrars,
with the possibility of doing 10 on calls per month from June onwards
with all the swarming demands to run workshop, course
with the daily clinics running into 1 to 2pm, sparing only a quarter of an hour for lunch

why knowing after all the stress and labor of exam,
and knowing risk of failing it being similar to the rising rate of C-Sections

i still can keep that broad smile and lovely sunshine in my heart

that is because with my family and kids, all my venom and bitterness simply melts away

LOOK!! the latest design in swimwear - AEROPLANE SWIMMING TRUNK

Bad pilot or excellent homicidalTaliban?

Guess what, you're in water!

Sporting the 'eyeware as hairband' style

flights of water... before take off

on route... to the other side

sharing some emo moments...

she ain't heavy... she's my overweight, chubby, cute moi ang


seahorse27 said...

Eh... that's Symphony Park.. you're staying there?

pilocarpine said...

not really sure d name of d place.. nope, dun stay there, juz swim..