May 12, 2011

lighter moments

a lighter moment during ward round in a maternity ward with the long row of beds with preggies

27/M/G1P0 @ 37w2D

a house officer presented...

"this is a twenty seven years old male G one P zero at .... oops... "

and few weeks later,

"what's the weight of the baby by scan?"

a different house officer post tagging...

"it's three thousand four hundred and thirty three grams."

"oh, so how heavy is that in milligrams?"

"Err.... hmm... "

In another wards, same day...

"So is the throat swab taken for H1N1?"

Chorus of house officers... "Yes!"

"So what's H1N1? What virus is it?"

HO1: Err... H1N1 virus..
HO2: (silent)
HO3: flu virus (after overheard preliminary whispers of HO4)
HO4: influenza virus

"So, what's H? What's N?"

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HO1-4:(blank stare, as if H1N1 is a fresh virus hitting our shores)

Conclusion: A small prospective study on the knowledge of house officers on the knowledge on Influenza A virus of H1N1 subtype can safely conclude that only a minority (25%) knows that it is an Influenza virus and everyone (100%) do not really give a damn what the f does H or N stands for.

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