Jun 9, 2011

the peeping: piracy of privacy

Eyes Speak

A strange dream that I had, that just felt so real. So blardy real.

Ward round with specialist.

Every patients going for examination were screened up for privacy, yet others continued in their own rest or breastfeeding fully trusting the fellow esteemed manager of the ward to maintain their privacy at the non-visiting hour.

Yet, it was far, almost a galaxy away from the real privacy.

The prying eyes of a man was on the hunt, standing elegantly clothed in the yellow uniform of our hospital non-medical staff.

His dark hand was held up tightly a packet of food and drink, a sorrow excuse for his pathetic lustful intention.

His reasoning of wanting to wait for his sister-in-law to pass her the food was absolutely absurd, as he was standing at the side of the ward, where his sister-in-law was totally AT THE OTHER SIDE of the ward - a different cubicle.

Such a violation was noted and instantly, the Ward Sister and the security guard vented their helplessness in keeping this peep artist out.

It was almost like against this felon, the Ward Sister's and guard's jurisdiction was reduced to sweeping the drain on an overflow monsoon season.

I confronted that animal, which stood there, like a catatonic schizo.

His busy prying eyes was still searching and consuming pleasurable sights while ignoring my simple words for him.

"Encik, jika nak bagi, tolong letak dan tunggu di luar."

It was few minutes until he realized I was talking to his arrogance.

"Never mind. I wait here"

"No, this is a female ward, and we're doing rounds, you need to wait outside."

"Who are you?!?! You must be new here. I know a lot of doctors here. You shut up."


As I recollected emotion from being shocked, surprised and totally lost for words, he left the ward.

Instead of being ashamed for their failure to keep this peepster out, the Ward Sister and the security guard rejoiced, telling the string of many,many previous episodes of this piracy of privacy.

Weirdest dream I ever had.

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Anonymous said...

In the real world, it exists all the time. As a woman I've stared down many Peeps & wasn't even breastfeeding ! Once upon a time, I mouthed expletives I pick up from watching cantonese movie :D to one guy who uttered "Wah ho tai lap" meaning I was either big breasted or I was fat !!! I followed him till he was cornered to a backlane & almost wanted to wallop him :)

In the real world, maternity ward should be manned by the most garang ward sister & guarded by those fiesty lady security guard. I've seen a few at local GH & you don't play play with them :d