Aug 5, 2011

black humor of the day

What Came First

a farmer forced the chicken to lay more and more eggs, so as to produce similar number eggs as other farm with more chickens.
one day, that chicken chickened out (no puns intended) and ran away to a better farm with more chickens.

and the farmer asked all his neighbours: why that chicken ran away?

after awhile, a farmer kept beating up one of his chicken and stop feeding it, knowing it'll be the perfect slaughterpiece for the upcoming festive season, as all other chickens started to grow up.

one day, that chicken expired before its time.

and the farmer asked all his neighbours: why the chicken die?


doc said...

is it like, many years after the rare earth plant is operational, the govt asks why are there so many new cases of lymphomas & leukaemias?

pilocarpine said...