Aug 18, 2011

bad hair day

snippets of the day

i didn't use hair gel today postcall, because i left it at home. not on purpose, of course.
without hair gel, my hair looked pimpy. blondish brown up front with smooth gradient to black at the back. people was thinking, how do i dye my hair during on call. well, i didn't. it was dyed like err... 2 months back.

and just today, during a tutorial with the med students...

me: so any questions for me before we proceed to 3rd stage of labor?
- silence -

me: how about you? (looking at a slightly plump chinese fella, ms)
ms (med student): dr.pilo, you dyed your hair?

- silence - (same duration, but different feeling - sort of gay type of silence)

me: err.. ya ya.. diy dye.. bought from watson.
ms: really? wow, you can work in hair saloon d.

- silence - (totally speechless)
me: no, i think i will keep my dayjob. ok, enough of craps, let us proceed to ... bla.. bla..


lishun said...

i was a substitute teacher in my old secondary school during my post a-levels break. after talking about neutrons and protons and electrons at length to a class of form 4 students, i asked if anyone had any questions. a boy seated at the back row lifted his hand.

me: "yes?"
boy: "miss, do you have a boyfriend?"


pilocarpine said...

somebody must be a looker...
with all those protons n electrons, sparks must be flying...

phewitt... =)