Aug 20, 2011

bad fall day

it was few days back.

a house officer left the plastic chair and switched to other more comfy chair.

i need to use the phone and thus, sat down on the white plastic chair.

suddenly the motion of me sitting down on the flat of the chair got extended into a slide down to the floor.

everyone looked in awe.

i stood up immediately, looking at the bent hind left leg of the chair.

everyone asked if I was ok.

once I reassured others of my good health and absence of injury, possibly due to my impact-reducing big butts with good suspension, everyone started to rake out small burst of laughter.

"Haih, sekarang kerusi pun 'tertekan'"(with reference to the recent Harian Metro letter)

Then the big bang of laughters exploded all around.

P.S. Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about other people.

Piloism: Great small people talk about ideas for other people.... So stop talking about asking me to lose weight. =P

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