Aug 20, 2011

a word bout primary prevention

when i read this newspiece:
Ambulances will be stationed at accident-prone spots along the highways during the coming Hari Raya festive season.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that this would ensure that injured motorists received medical aid quickly.

He said that when accidents happened, it took a long time for ambulances and medical aid to reach the victims, and this delay sometimes contributed to fatalities.

i was pondering, have we thrown primary prevention out of our syllabus, or rather out of our logic.

it isn't difficult to understand primary prevention.

it is like if you don't want a flu, you don't kiss a person with flu.

if you don't want diabetics, you start losing weight and forgo fatty diets.

if you don't want AIDS, start capping yourself and avoid promiscuity.

if you don't want lousy politicians, you should vote correctly.

anyway, instead of wasting medical resources, in those accident-prone areas, possibly it would be better if you place traffic police officers 1 km before and after the areas or put up mock cameras, improve the lighting and the road condition of those areas.

why repair an injury when you can prevent one?

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doc said...

well said!

now, i wonder what the health minister is planning to do with the issue of ambulances that keep getting out of control on the roads??

the siren & flashing lights give the ambulances right of way, not for the driver to behave recklessly.