Oct 12, 2011

tis piggy went to library

i used to be tempted to buy lots of books for my lil Aedan, mainly to broaden his literature horizon. nevertheless, i found most of the books border on recurring themes and usually most books will end their existence as the space occupying objects. Buying a whole shelf of them will only make me broke and it is an extravagant spending that I can really do without.

Not so distant from home, I found the State Public Library for Children. The membership fee is almost non-existent at the rate of RM1 per child per year. There are also Children Playroom membership fee at RM12 per child per year. But, I did not sign up for the Playroom, because to play in a library would have defeat the purpose of being in a library.

Aedan read few simple pictorial books there that day together with me. Most of the awesome books he fell in love with was in the reference section and not viable for the borrowing back home.
Together with him, we loan 3 books for two weeks.

And here's Aedan taking the oath of never to mess a book.

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fibrate said...

I agree with you...BUT owning books is part of the fun too :)