Oct 13, 2011

Young doctors mollycoddled - with MCQ

Here's the modified MCQ-plus version to this awesome honest letter about current medical predicament.

Young doctors mollycoddled

I REFER to “Overworked housemen” (Letters, Oct 5) and other grouses that increasingly make their way into our media by Generation Y housemen. As a specialist in a government hospital in Selangor, I feel that instead of silence that may be misconstrued as guilt, there is a need to reply.

We are now at a crossroads in our health system. The high standards that were maintained through the years have fallen by the wayside. This is especially evident from the constant complaints of the younger generation, although the system and the government are bending over backwards to accommodate them. The reasons:

-- An overload of new housemen/doctors – 500 a year in 1998 and 7,500 in 2011, with the number estimated to rise to 10,000 in coming years.

also known as

A. house officers boom

B. house officers avalanche

C. tsunami of house officers

D. future cheap medical labour

E. etc (insert suggestions here)

-- Too many medical schools in the country – 42 at the last count, with some having very low standards. Indonesia with a population of about 300 million has half the number. How did these colleges come to be recognised?

A. political-affiliation. MIC - AIMST, MCA-UTAR med school, Melaka Manipal - ??
B. the 5 years moratorium are just bull-talking (reference)
C. lots of under-table monetary gains for recognition
D. all of the above

-- Too many medical schools recognised overseas, with the standards, especially of Russian ones, being extremely low.

-- So we are now inundated with housemen to train, wherein 60% are of very low standard – meaning not even fit to pass the finals in a medical school exam, let alone to treat patients.

-- We, the specialists, are forced to retrain and even reteach these incompetents.

-- There are only so many times you can give advice to a person who doesn’t listen – sometimes when a patient’s life is at stake, voices have to be raised! Don’t you agree?

A. Agree

B. Disagree

C. Agree, but that would spoil one's perfect civilized image of gentle-mannered doctor

D. Disagree, raising voices increase risk of laryngitis, contribute to noise pollution and create a hostile working environment. the preferred method is to write a 100 pages letter to Ministry of Health and Malaysia Medical Council about that person's incompetency, either as a one time thing or in separate occasions.

E. Don't know. (typical Malaysian apathetic answer)

-- Increasingly, our politicians get involved when some VIP’s son or daughter who can’t cope, just wants to float through. Many specialists have been given letters of warning, when all they were doing was enforcing appropriate disciplinary action in respect of housemen who had gone AWOL.

Appropriate response to letters of warning:

A. Ignore the letters.

B. Make paper planes out of them.

C. Send a reply letter and cc to the politicians of the opposition parties

D. write a 100 pages explanation letter to Ministry of Health and Malaysia Medical Council about that person's AWOL, either as a one time thing or in separate occasions.

E. All of the above

-- The number of litigation cases against the Health Ministry due to housemen is at an all-time high.

-- The shift system was opposed by all senior faculty in the ministry, vis a vis all senior specialists, but it was forced on us. Who is going to monitor all these housemen under the shift system – the specialists?

A. The specialists.

B. The medical officers.

C. The administrators.

D. Good GPS trackers gadget and tag all house officers at the nape of their neck with electronic chips.

-- When these housemen become medical officers and specialists, are they also going to go on shift?

A. Definitely.

B. Surely.

C. Of course.

D. Is this really a question? Sounds more like common sense.

-- We have better things to do than mollycoddle a tsunami of sub-standard doctors. If we are not careful, there will be a great exodus of specialists from the public health system in the next few years.

All you see in government hospital nowadays are the poor and the illegals – everyone else has an insurance card! So to the powers that be, wake up and smell the coffee.

via email

** For serious reading of extended articles on the matter, kindly read: Can you smell the impending disaster?.


doggy_houser said...

my suggestions:
1.all candidates for housemanship for this new era should be sent to military training for at least 6/12. then only they know what is long working hours really are.and indirectly screen out for those who are not fit enough to work for longhours

2.all candidates for housemanship should sit an exam that comprises: MRCP syllabus+USMLE in order to select only those who have good and reasonable knowledge

3.put some good CCTVs at ideal location to monitor houseman progress.My boss at my hospital installed CCTVs at several spot and many times he did catch H.Os who just sit around and do nothing or do something but counterproductive(one H.O that get caught was when he sit and playing with his iPhone for >1/2 hour;with still many more patients waiting to get tx)

pilocarpine said...

walao... your boss ROCKS!!

doggy_houser said...

o yeah, my boss never once not extend all those stealing-rakyat's money-counterproductive H.Os that are loitering around.feel sorry for these gen-Y H.O's, never want to learn from their friends mistake.
and u know what,my boss also link that CCTVs to his home.once a while he called at wee hours and ask,"hey, is that a new case at bed 5, wat case is that?"

pilocarpine said...

walao.. i really aspire to be your boss.. damn cekap and dedicated.. to a point, i really its unbelievable.. which hospy or dept is that?

vagus said...

This is hilarious!
Good post

pilocarpine said...

when we look at tragedy at its eyes, we have only 2 choices - to cry in despair or to laugh in sarcasm. no prizes for guessing my choice.