Nov 5, 2011

a befuddled halloween

It is extremely difficult to say that sexual preference other than heterosexual being unnatural, because if they are unnatural, why have they existed naturally?

nope, i didn't celebrate Halloween.
I was at the east coast of peninsular instead celebrating my incumbency in clinical research.

2 major news got my attention: the major uproar against the sexuality independence, while there is the unmatched volume of national objection against Halloween or the horror of astronomic wastage as noted in the A-G report.

In actual fact, Halloween is the night of honouring the dead and to teach the young ones about death and mortality, being the eve to All Saint's Day - a day honouring all the Saints. It is pretty much a Christian affair, though some people would argue that special day to be slightly shrouded with some essence of paganism.

As far as I know, some Muslims throughout the country had been soaking wet in the fun of Halloween, celebrating it as if it is their annual costume party.

Indeed, the focus has always been on putting up scary make-up and clothing the out-of-the-world costume, especially when people do not even care to find out the origin of the practice.

Nevertheless, by its own misconception, it had never bring any harm.

As for the major backlashes against Merdeka Seksualiti, I stand at the neutral position, neither support or reject.
It is extremely difficult to say that sexual preference other than heterosexual being unnatural, because if they are unnatural, why have they existed naturally?
There's no technology, gene alteration or recombination, or any man-made disruption to their creation. They are always there since the beginning of times, just that the community acceptance for such honest declaration of their affinity equal to complete 'death sentence' hostility during olden times. Even their own battle with such evolution of their sexuality became suicidal.

In my line of work, rarely, there will be unfortunate ladies with problem of intersexuality or genetically-male females. Nature made them. God made them. And yet, nature and God also created the religion, their holy scriptures and their followers in condemning them.

Befuddling indeed, right?

Let's get back to Halloween, then.

Well, O&G-related costume can be pretty scary at times. Below are my collections (of photos) so far.

vagina costume

Vagina man. A strong person who can really take a good pounding.
Refer to the previous post.
Pad with Menses. Pukability score of 99%
... with tampon nunchuks. Pukability score reduced to 90%

baby born costume

Crowning with congenital hirsutism. Rare instances of shock during the end of second stage.

Uterine rupture with abdominal injury. Highly likely post motor vehicle accident

- comes in handy when women with 1 previous Classical section scar refusing Caesarean Section

Anyone brave enough to sport such any of those awesome, obnoxiously offending costume above?


fibrate said...

I'm not a prude nor someone without a sense of humour, but bad taste is bad taste. Period (oh pardon the pun)

doc said...

i am horrified someone would wear a stained-pad replica, but not as much as the wastage the government has caused.

pilocarpine said...

@fibrate:taste?!?!i wouldnt put a tongue to it.
@doc:horrified? dat's just the most gentle term to describe our morbid shock of d news..

Gven said...

firstly I was amazed with mister vag, but the rest was away to much! don't know.