Nov 12, 2011

the patients at the back

it's been amazing, knowing many survivors of gynaecological cancers.

most of them will be admitted and be placed at the 2nd half of the ward, therefore, aptly being addressed as 'the patients at the back'. Their place at the back doesn't mean less attention given to them, but instead the other half of the ward is the more slow-paced, peaceful area with a simple fun, loving group of people.

but in few months time, slowly, i had grown used to calling them by their first names.

to see them go through the emotional rollercoaster of fear, anxiety, sad, depressed, grumpy, irritable, hope, joy and relief.

when a whole row of patients can share the some laughter over a few simple jokes, i knew i done more than treating them.

when a patient can share their fear and joy, i can see there is really more to life.
much much more.

their survival over their own emotional turbulence trumps their survival over the disease.

the following video had done a marvelous job in capturing that exact emotional rollercoaster in something that we take for granted everyday.

The Princess from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

A film by Adonis Pulatus – amazing emotional, real-life roller-coaster of time-lapse photography


missyc said...

tis nice to be known & addressed to by name, not as the patient, or the aunty or uncle. I always remember or make an effort to know the people who has helped touched or cared for me & they in turn remembers me even its months/year gone by, it feels good, makes hospital visit less dreadful :)

I'm sharing my expr that day after 2nd op, 'the trudge along the corridor' my gynae oncologist happen to pass by, he smiled, patted my shoulder in his usual calm cool professional manner, comforted me, "Don't worry, everything will be fine" I felt the fog lifted straightaway, even when pathology report wasn't out:)

laughter is sometimes the best medicine, being ill shouldn't stop one from enjoying it :D

good post, pilokarpen ! am sure the patients at the back appreciates a good doctor when they see one

pilocarpine said...

yeah, at times, i felt those 'Patch Adams' moments... but i'm not too obsessed with it.

I know i'm just doing my job.