Nov 14, 2011

unforgettable intro

Got a phone call from someone...
Hi, Are you Dr.Pilo? I'm calling from ABC. I think we need to admit this patient to your ward.

Yes, I'm Dr. Pilo. Oh, I'm sorry, I had specifically discussed this patient with my Specialist-On Call and we do not see this admission to be a warranted one. May I know who I am speaking to?

Dr.Pilo, I am Dr X, Medical Officer from Y Department, 2nd year Master Student in Y of Uni of Z, I am telling you're the primary team and this patient have to be admitted to your ward.

(Gosh, wow, a Master Student... ) Like I said, I can't allow that to happen. My specialist do not see this admission as warranted.

No, you see this patient came here with this problem... bla bla bla.. bla bla bla... it's a gynae problem... bla bla bla... (Wow. a speech. Awesome)
... the rest of the discussion was a boring one and finally it was up-levelled to the specialist level.

Kinda bowled me over when some people believes in the prestige of being a trainee or Master student, including their status being higher or more solid than others...

As for me, for now, I appreciate the grace and solidarity that invisibility has to offer.


doc said...

a Masters student is just a glorified medical officer.

i once was one.

Anonymous said...

u r just substandard. Please brush up.

pilocarpine said...

i fully understand i'm substandard, i will brush up... but i would really appreciate feedback on how am i substandard?