Feb 23, 2012

being blue, wearing green

i wore blue today.
and i was truly blue today, for a good reason.

Besides the blanket bombing of referrals all over, I became the fall guy to get a proper placement of a pinballed patients between several disciplines. To others, it is about 'washing hands', out of the trouble, but for me, i believe patient should be given a ward where she can receive optimum care for her most active problem and the most back up in the event of an emergency.

As I spent most of my time camping in one of the air-conditioned first world areas of this hospy, I felt kinda suffocated although I was surrounded by lots of ventilator machines which is obviously leaking minute amount of oxygen each. Logically, the air should well saturated with oxygen.

I exited that ward, head held high, happily sorted out something and I was greeted by a middle-aged lady in green who rushed out from the airlock to the corridor. Previously she was standing among the visitors' crowd during lunch hour.

LIG (lady in green): Are you a doctor?
Me: Yeah.
She stretched her hand forward for an introductory handshake.
LIG: Well, you see, I am a Master in a lot of things.
Me: A lot of things?
LIG: Yeah, I am a Master in a lot of things.
Me: What do you mean a lot of things?
LIG: I am Master in numerology, astrology and a lot more.
Me: (Skeptical look) Er, okay...
LIG: You see, you must wear more green. because green brings general love. when you bring more general love to your patients, they will recover faster. You understand?
Me: Green?
LIG: Yes, you know like Chakra in our bodies... Green brings more love, and more health.
Me: How about blue? (refer to first line of this post)
LIG: Blue is not general, blue if what you're improving is the lung. (She held both hands to her neck, like how the lawyer in TBH's case trying to hypothesize how TBH strangle himself)
Me: Oh.. ok. I'll wear more green. (Trying to sound as much away from cynical as possible)

I ended this out-of-the-blue conversation with another handshake.

No wonder, Western people wear like the followings every day.
Lots of love and health all around.
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