Feb 22, 2012


there's a whole book about it.
there's a whole course about it.
there's a whole world about it.

today, together with my colleague was dragged along by my specialist to attend a conjoint meeting with all other departments in the whole state of Penang and the CRC clinical research centre of my hospital.

apparently, the Ministry of Health came up with an instruction, order and command for any department with 3 or more specialists to come up with at least 2 research topics. Possibly, a knee jerk reflex upon discovering how much we're slacking in the matter of research.

To be frank, yes, to be really frank. The very word of research may even strike fear and pose rejection. Research to some people is just a pure of heavy load of work which lead to more confusion and despair.

Research is not just something that you must do, it must be something that you want to do. I believe research are not being done with a need to do it, but a strong desire and passion to do it.

Funding is important. At this point of time, we barely have enough dough to provide basic medical care and contemplating roping in the 1Care Scheme to compensate for our low national healthcare budget allocation, it would not be wise to push for research and add headache to the present migraine.

A simple analogy would be like asking a beggar who barely have food of the day to allocate more time from begging and do some experiment that may potentially improve the begging returns. potentially.

Research as a matter of passion should not be forced upon us or else we may just suffocate. There's no point if we just complete it for the sake of completion as such hasty work may just be shrouded with unaudited errors, omissions, falsified entries or worst, fabrication. It will just lead to an off-track clinical practice based on skewed clinical evidence.

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