Jun 30, 2012

Obgy terminology at dinner

There I was attending wedding dinner. My family was placed at the same table with 2 Consultants from different departments. Both of them was a couple and pretty much made a lot of impact in my houseman's year and those early MO's year.

Lots of catching up with them, but mostly bout work with personal stuffs here and there.

There was a moment when the dish at the central of the table was a distance away from the people sitting opposite to me. The consultant attempted to turn the round tabletop at the middle. Due to some possible rust or malfunction, it just would not turn. And I just stretched my hand and gently shoved the dish closer to the other side. More practical and faster approach.

And she commented:

Pushing. Yeah, I didn't think of that. You in O&G must be good in that.

And we exploded into laughters.

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