Sep 16, 2012

Almost Van Dyke!

Having facial hair, even for man, can get a lot of various response as well, as opposed to women having facial hair.

The pharmaceutical drug rep was wondering whether I am post call.

The nurses thought I was trying to change my image. I told them it is because of high androgen.

My deareast couldn't stand having a porcupine in bed every night. She should try to embrace it.

My daughter like the ticklish feeling whenever I brushed my chin on hers.
My son, don't. (Failed the Gay Test. Good)

And one of my ex-house officer (a guy) sms me: u looked so man with your moustache!!Hehehe.
My reply to him: Walao, so previously I looked like a woman?

The real reason behind my 'almost Van Dyke' look is that I just want more sensation and feel whenever I rub my chin in deep thoughts.

Sorry for keeping everyone guessing.

Here's a PHD in Facial Hair.

A PhD in Facial Hair

Created by: Online PhD

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