Sep 18, 2012


Yesterday, little 2-years old Genevieve went into a shape-naming frenzy in the car.

She saw the forward and reverse buttons in the car radio and she went: Triangle, that also triangle.

Then he saw the other round buttons and she mumbled: Circle, circle, circle, circle, circle, circle, circle (Woman's nagging skill: intact)

I stopped my car at a T-Junction. Suddenly, she pointed at the sky and shouted: Hexagon

WTF! I did not learn about such a shape until I was in the primary.
(Just thinking, not saying out loud, of course)


doc said...

which nursery did she attend????

pilocarpine said...

Fama nursery...

She started playing with toy shape box and my wife sort of teach her name of every shape

Anyway, it is wrong, it's actually octagon...