Sep 21, 2012

Made in Eritrea

Before admitting myself to med school, there I was, working through 12 hours a day of standing in Sales. I was a watch seller in a local mall, still standing strongly today, though not as bright as it was in those days.

I found selling or successful sales very addictive, but at the end of the day, it just does not feel right, mainly because of the truth that we trying to hide from the customers.

For instance,

"This watch company is established by a Swiss,

The creator is a Swiss,

This watch is fully designed by Swiss,

It is well known among the Swiss,

Swiss Bla Bla Bla,

Bla Bla Swiss Bla Bla..."

Well, the watch is made and assembled by Eritrean.

Some people believes it is purely about bending the truth.

But, how far can you bend before it becomes a truth?

Maybe I was able to sell these watches to the whole big crowd

Neverthelss,one day, the truth you come back and haunt you.

Painting a bright convincing picture can never trumps the beauty of the truth.

You can say all you want to say, the truth speaks for itself.


doc said...

would it be something like the iPhone being designed in US but assembled in china?

pilocarpine said...

Hahaha. That too...

I was just referring to how low someone had gone just to sell an idea and never bother to understand the truth behind what had happened in the same rank.