Sep 20, 2012

Perception of impossibility

Alice: This is impossible.
Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

I rushed to General Operation theatre for 2 pending procedure.

A call from the nursing counter for me.

It was a referral from one of the primary care department of my hospy.

She had to start her conversation by sighing and tell me this:

"Dr Pilo, hi, I need to refer a case to you. It is impossible to reach you."

My reply: "I'm in OT. No line"

What I was thinking of replying her was

"How can I make it possible for you?

Well, you see, there is 3 problems with your statement.
Firstly, if you're already talking to me, how would you consider it to be impossible.

Secondly, unless I purchase the telecommunication company, I do not foresee any connectivity through my handphone in the future whenever I am in OT or A&E department. Pager system never had worked for the department ever. Even a Red Alert looks like Pink Alert.

Thirdly, if you're thinking that I am avoiding you or I am sitting idle at Starbucks Cafe far far far away from hospy, I think you're thinking way ahead of yourself. I don't even avoid my ex.

Get a hold of yourself.

Today is not my first day receiving referrals from your department.

Everyone knew, if you had called the ward, you would have known EXACTLY where I am, which is not Timbuktu."

Case noted.


Anonymous said...

Dont quarrel. I am doubtful about ur profesionalism. Patient come first. Quarrel does not make u a good doctor. Go to save patient.

pilocarpine said...

Don't make assumption. I am doubtful of ur identity. Patient come first only if u know what you are doing. Quarrel maybe does not make anyone a good doctor, but ignorance surely don't. Not everyone needs to be saved, everyone needs to understand what they are going through and mostly comfort. Thank you for reading my blog. You're welcome to antagonize my other entries as well, even anonymously.