Oct 25, 2012

Aedan's first 2 trophies !!

Last year, he went to the Annual Concert as the happy bee without any bling-bling to keep...

This year... he won 2nd prize in Malay story telling and consolation in Easter Egg coloring.

And it is only natural for a father to brag about it. LOL.

But it was not all talent, but wifey's dedication and sacrifice (almost to the stage of developing hematemesis) in helping him getting this award.

Even his teachers were telling us how close he was in getting First.

He found mastering Malay easier because of the simple, straightforward 'Bahasa Baku'.

Perhaps people may look up to other languages such as English for its global use or Mandarin due to China's growing strength.

I got slightly annoyed when Malay patients insisted to reply in English, even when I started the conversation comfortably in Malay.

Personally, I adore Malay language slightly more because it is the simple empowerment of this language is one of the things that set us apart and made us unique as Malaysians.

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