Oct 27, 2012

Killer Lifts!!

The lift in C Block of my hospy nearly dislocated my Specialist's shoulder as he walk in to the lift and the door came in closing even with me pressing on the '< >' button.

Even as I pressed the usually middle bar of the door of the lift, it does not stop it.

It came closing and unstoppable.

Security guards had already alerted the supposedly 'On Call' technician, but the lifts continue to have their killer edge up till the night time.

Instead of closing/barring usage of the killer lifts, the security guards just went around reminding everyone who is using the lifts.

A staff nurse told me, once upon a time (not fairy tale, mind you), someone actually got her fingers fractured because banged by the lift's door.

Freakishly dangerous. I was imagining a scene from Final Destination.

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Li Ying said...

The one at the end of the block, on the right, and going straight to ward C20? Yeah, automatically closed after opening with a loud bang! A few times ppl got almost crushed...the < > button can't control the door.