Oct 11, 2012

Rich dad, poor dad, bankrupt dad.

Just learnt that Robert Kiyosaki had filed for bankruptcy after a district court dropped a judgement. He was being re-branded as an ungrateful writer and defaulted his payment to the company that made his book into a brand worldwide.

Kind of irony, that the writer of a book who supposed to teach you to attain financial freedom is now having freedom from any finances.

Probably he's going to make a come back later on and write a new book titled "Bankrupt dad, Grateful dad"


Anonymous said...

It's a corporate bankruptcy, not personal bankruptcy. Just a strategic business move.

pilocarpine said...

Yup, just found out yesterday, it wasn't a personal bankruptcy. my bad, not being more inquisitive.

A strategic business move lacking moral values is possibly something to look into.