Nov 9, 2012

Datuk Lee CW, the unfilial son?

But Chong Wei is never the one who likes to discuss his complicated family affair, telling Red Carpet in a previous interview that “I’m not a celebrity. I’m a very private person.”

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  • 李亞財:我只能在大山腳家鄉收看電視直播兒子婚禮。(圖:星洲日報)
Google translated:
Lee Chong Wei today overjoyed imminent, father, Li Ya Choi last night suddenly on the face book contained "sad father" (Penang ‧ Mertajam Bernama) - Malaysian badminton a Ge Nadu post immediately attracted a lot of speculation.
Ya Choi admits he did not attend the wedding in Kuala Lumpur, the son of Lee Chong Wei and daughter-in-law Wong Mew Choo sad. Biao tears once more could not resist when he interviewed.
[Trendy] the hearts of many men will avoid the marriage thing, or divorce, messed up, do not know how to clean up the mess after only know to evade responsibility and Chief avoid you.

Ya Choi said, he was not in the wedding invited list, so Saturday only to watch live television alone in Mertajam hometown Send a blessing to his son and daughter-in-law in Kuala Lumpur and Penang over 300 kilometers away, away.
"I have been waiting for family notification, arranged for me to attend the wedding, but waited until the 6th of this month, no one informed me, I do not know what to wear dress ...... before the eldest son there to take me to try on a suit, but does not fit , bridal salon that you want to modify, but yesterday bridal salon did not contact me ...... "Wei beads marriage is the city's focal point, the wedding and next two nights was held at the Kuala Lumpur International Convention and Exhibition Centre (KLCC).

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Gmruleme: got a lot of ppl say abt lcw father issues in fb..gambling and even bring a china chick back home until lcw mom move out frm the house?? sad.gif
Balaclava: despites all sin done, he's still LCW father. so i dont see why don't invite him over. just ask him behave.
Mois: Nothing to disgrace about. Politician as friends gonna make your life easier next time when you are in business. Get better contracts, cheaper land for Chongwei Binajaya. With this, he can provides his family fortunes and more travelling or even all the luxuries for his family members. In this case, perhaps his father gold ring and rolex. 
LCW cant last long in badminton. Time is catching up. He certainly does not want to end up like misbun or rashid sidek. He wants to be a businessman.

Seather: from wut i heard from his Berapit neighbours... the tea ceremony will still be held in Bukit Meratajam... his father is invited la... LCW oso not totally anak derhaka...

as for why his father not invited to KL dinner.... alot of rumors flying around.. but all hearsay la....

btw... LCW bought a house for his father to collect rent as his living expenses smile.gif

My take on this matter:

Our national shuttler, Datuk Lee CW received a lot of media coverage this few days mainly for his lavish wedding dinners.

But beside the positive ones, negative news was circulating as well, mainly focus on the absence of his dad from the wedding dinners and watching his gala from home.

Lots of netizens, mainly keyboard warriors, lashed out extremely hurtful comments based on assumption that Datuk Lee CW is an unfilial son based upon his dad's abscence.

I am not close to him. I just know he is our national shuttler and he had always worked hard for the country. At some point, he was our national hero, by struggling to come back from his injury to gain a gold for the country. He failed and he apologized to the whole country.

I do not even know his family. I bet 99% of people commenting badly about him does not know either.

Anyway, it is unfair to him and utterly appalling how 'self-righteous' netizens like to be behind their own keyboards when they don't have an inkling what is happening.

I came from a complicated family and I knew people who have much more complicated family.

Having a wedding to be shown on live television is not something you want to really exclude your own father from.

Yet, Datuk Lee did it for real reasons only he knew best and he did not even try to be a hipocrite.

If you read back the first row of this entry, Datuk Lee CW did not wish to discuss his complicated family affair because I believe he still want to protect the possible ugly side of his father, parents or family from the public and swallow the bad 'image' by himself.

It is not our business to poke into his family affair, as well.

As for the media who strive and popularise his father's absence, I believe the media knows more than what was reported. Come on lar. You expect me to believe the media only knows that his dad not being invited and crying at home and does not know the whole background of Datuk Lee CW's family including his father's background.

Anyway, even before the wedding, media had been at the wrong side of the fence, thanks to his publicity company who arranged for a string of media conference (I believe it is six) without the certainty of him attending any of it. Plus, the publicity company already approved limited media quarters to cover the wedding, yet they still calling up all the others for the string of media conference which appear like a waste of time.

Enough said, perhaps we should mind our mind business and not assume anything based simply on an absence before we really know the whole truth. And it is just simply a sick thing to do to keep prying on our national shuttler's private life.

I can attest to how amazingly ridiculous some people can be when they became judgemental and not even bother to find out the real truth.

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