Nov 22, 2012

Dream Job?

Everyone have their own definition and criteria for a dream job.

Or perhaps, dream job is sort of an oxymoron.

Dream is the unconscious thoughts arising in slumber, without any work being done.

Job requiring work being done and compensated by returns, usually monetary gains and rarely satisfaction.

Therefore, it actually depends on what people like to do or enjoy doing.

For instance, I could say that I like to watch movie.
I like to watch latest movie.
I like to watch all the series.
I like to sit all day and do nothing but watch movie.
I want to watch all types of movie, including banned movies, with all the R rated scenes.
Dream job?
Join the Censorship Board.
But then, it will come with its own sets of problem and nightmare, doesn't it?

I was told that I am having a dream job.
I thought that I am having a dream job.
Once a while, at difficult times, I have my doubts.
I tell myself, it is common to have doubts.

But these doubts are dangerous.
They will eat into the subconscious mind.
Slowly eat into the conscious mind.
Until even the best of life seems like a piece of thrash on earth.

Maybe I am lacking in something to look forward to.
Maybe I am having quarterlife crisis.
Maybe I really need is to find back

to find back that DREAM in my dream job again.

P.S. Wish me luck. And the video above has nothing to do with my dream, just so there are no strayed ideas.

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