Jan 26, 2013

Human flesh search: From Sharifah to William

I gotta to know this term of 'human flesh search' after watching the artistic movie of 'Caught in the Web'.

It is an intriguing movie about the gloomy reality about human flesh search.

In our neighbouring country, a famous site functions as the ground zero for human flesh search, exposing top scandals and uncivilized practices of the people in the community.

Here in Malaysia, there were 2 major human flesh search in a single month of January.

To be exact, both of the human flesh search do not end up nicely.

Let's start with Ms Sharifah Zohra Jabeen

Sharifah's speech which sounds more like a stand up comedy on a Saturday night took the centrestage in a formal forum.

Her Barisan-esque attitude towards the suggestion of free education went into a complete wrong detour into how animals' problems are worse off than humans, which sounds to me like a complete overstatement.

Since when animals are better of than humans?

Ms Sharifah is just the tip of an iceberg.

One third of Malaysians have the similar mentality as her.

The second one-third have a completely different mentality yet either chose to be quiet or perhaps bold enough only to be keyboard warriors.

The last one-third of Malaysians just couldn't care less, totally apathetic and continuously believe that every blardy thing in the news is politically-driven and politics is a dirty thing.
So dirty that a good distance should be kept. IMHO, this last one-third should be given a tight slap to wake them up from their apathetic slumber.

And that is the reason why our next General Election will be an interesting battle of votes between the first and 2nd one-third. The last one-third will be the deciding factor and thanks to Sharifah's outstanding oral performance, they will probably sway towards the 2nd one-third. Still, there will also be a good percentage of them swaying to first one-third as well.

It is purely a tragedy when Ms Sharifah came out in video (unadulterated, I supposed) telling everyone her original video was altered by the opposition and offering her forgiveness to everyone, as if she was being possessed by the late Mother Theresa.

IMHO, she was a victim herself.

A victim of Balisan's 'pendatang' mindset and the completely lack of insight of her origins similar to our Tun's recent suggestion for the establishment of RCI for pre-independence granting of citizenships.

And we had punished her enough by making fun of her and profited from a small industry based on her infamous 'Listen'.

The undergraduates who clapped ever so loudly for Ms Sharifah also became part of the smaller human flesh search.

IMHO, they all clapped not because they are supportive of Ms Sharifah, but mainly everyone enjoys a bitch fight every now and then.

Basically, most of them belongs to the last one-third who only classify the impromptu debate as another exciting entertainment after the long boring  run-of-the-mill pro-government forum.

Let's move on to William Yau.

Up to date, no definitive evidence surrounding his death.

There were 2 hypothesis so far.

He fooled around and performed gynmastics around the river banks or the shore lines and accidentally fell down to the sea.

Or, he was captured by human traffickers and decided to drown him once his missing news went viral.

The 2nd hypothesis sounds more plausible but nothing in life is that straightforward.

Like most of what our answers to life is 'It's complicated'.

If William was being captured and kidnapped, then people started to doubt whether media and the internet hype have indeed played a major role in his demise.

If it was the media, then everyone in the facebook or blogs or alternative news channels have blood on our hands. William's blood.

But then again, if one can recall, the case was different with Nayati.

He returned safely

If we put ourselves in the kidnappers' shoes, in such situation, they have 2 options at hand.

1. Let the kid go.
This option leads to a higher risk of detection or capture, but lower sentence as they will only be sentenced to jail for kidnapping. A wise move in Nayati's case.

2. Kill the kid.

This option will lead to lower risk of capture, provided the evidence surrounding the kid can be adequately eliminated. However, the sentence for murder would be a heavy one.

This appear like a much moronic option in the case of William as he is definitely younger than Nayati and I doubt William can recognize the kidnappers as well as Nayati, unless he or she is a relative to William (and the plots thickened).

Thus, the kidnappers, if not related to him, could be too panicky and accidentally executed the wrong judgement.

Or maybe, they are so experienced in killing that their brutal killing of William is just as casual as washing car on the Sunday morning.

Personally, I believe that contrary to belief, human flesh search have intense pressure not to the kidnapper, but to the law enforcer of our country and our leaders.

There are many cases of kidnapping that seems getting more and more rampant and the proper authority just go on with their usual tempo, unless the pressure of media comes in.

And through this 2 human flesh hunt, we able being made to realize the rot in the Malaysian mentality through Sharifah's rebuttal.

We able to realize how unsafe our country can be despite the rosy picture our Royal Malaysian Force trying to paint for everyone to see.

Of course, we can put our blame only to the hardworking police, the main and only blame should go out to the parents who could not care less about the whereabouts of their children. Letting them roam free is good, but without proper monitoring, it is purely bad parenting. News of how kid found in pool drown the day after, kids being knocked down by a reversing car at home, and etc kept making headlines.

My personal experience would be to be driving around my neighbourhood and seeing a 2 years old girl only in her diapers standing there in the middle of the road alone with a pacifier in her mouth, without any adult supervision at all. I had to stopped my car, bring that girl to the roadside. Basically, I had to wait for around half an hour before her grandfather came looking for her. And the grandfather did not seem worried or particularly in distress - that worries me more.

Maybe these irresponsible parents should be part of the human flesh search.

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