Jan 24, 2013

Save a life. Get your shit together!

Just when you think your poop is just another disgusting waste material and nuisance, please be reminded that it can also save lives of patients suffering from Clostridium difficile colitis.

Wondering whether our local medical fraternity is prepare to make this brave contemporary move in the foreseeable future...

Shit just got real!


The Centers for Disease Control has issued an urgent plea for fecal transplant donors. After the recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine of a randomized prospective trial documenting the efficacy of fecal transplants for the treatment of C. difficile colitis, a critical shortage of suitable feces has occurred.

Potential candidates must be in good health and not have taken antibiotics within the 30 days before donation. Fecal typing is not necessary as adverse reactions to donated feces have not been reported. For most people, donation is painless.

After much deliberation, CDC Vice-Director Dr. Steven Gerrard has announced that the drive for fecal donors is being launched with the slogan “Save a life. Get your shit together.”

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