Jan 22, 2013

Practical usage of "Listen! X3" ?

Post call yesterday.

Almost to passover time in the morning.

Not much of a difference as I was in-charge of labor room anyway.

My colleague and senior MO, Dr J stepped into the labor room.

First thing she heard was the loud echo and volume of a hollering mother in labour.

It was so loud that I was surprised there wasn't any crowd forming outside of the room.


J was trying to communicate with the mother, not knowing much about her background.


"ARRGGHH!! ARRRGHH!! ARRGGHH!!!" continued.

"Err.. J, she's not from Malaysia, and neither speaks English or Malay."

"ARRGGHH!! ARRRGHH!! ARRGGHH!!!" continued.

"Oh, luckily, I didn't say let me speak, let me speak..."


When woman in labor, there's this peculiar moment when temporary partial deafness sets in, where they don't hear whatever that you trying to tell them.

My dearest described during short early phase of active labor, she only able to hear monosyllables word and couldn't care much about whether we're scolding or encouraging her.

The language of pain is indeed very deafening.

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