Mar 9, 2013

Ministry of Health's Statement of the Year!

This letter from the Ministry is currently being circulated in the cyberspace.

Most of doctors who read it was in shock, anger and mainly vulgarities played a huge role mainly.

My best friend in the similar current apprenticeship as I am doubted this letter and thought it is a photoshopped letter.

Who could blame him for the content of the letter is totally absurd and goes way of the tangent of logic.

For the people outside medical field, let me put it into a simple language of the message being sent in this letter.

1. The Ministry have totally filled up the posts of Medical Officers up to 95% with some States fully occupied and some overfilled (possibly it's KL or Selangor).
Commentary: If this is so, it simply means the government has run out of doctor's post and house officer's post should be converted to temporary post.
2. The Medical Officers should play more active role in clerking and examining the patients.
Commentary: This is an overstatement because in our current state of house officers, most medical officers re-clerk and countercheck most of the clerking and examination.

3. House Officers should be fully undergo the shift system and they are to be trained, and NOT to provide service ( Not extra pair of hands, as well)
Commentary: House officers are being downgraded to Final Year Medical Students or less. Heck, I started clerking even when I was in med school and assisted as first assistant in few Surgical Ops. The most intrigueing part is why the FUCK is the Ministry paying every house officers around RM 5K each PER MONTH from the rakyat's money if they are not providing service or extra pair of hands, but to be trained. I thought it should be the other way round where one pays for the training.

Considering an UNDER-estimation of around 1000 house officers now, RM 5 millions every month are being drained out of Rakyat's money just so House Officers (luckily not majority of them) can lepak and called it 'training'.

Luckily at this moment, at ground level, such absurdity is not being implemented, but I am sooooooo ashamed to be part of such an important establishment which came up with such a shallow juvenile formal statement.

When I told my barber about it, my barber laughed her ass off.

"I don't think I can be trained to be a barber without holding up a scissor or a razor."

Simple logic which even the Ministry failed to grasp.

If this is implemented at the ground level, my Plan B would be to go apply for house officer's post in my current department, get extended indefinitely and spend 'my training hours' to study for external papers or do some research.

Sounds like a good plan?

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