Mar 9, 2013

Top 3 Excuses in Crisis of Lahad Datu

The chain of events in Lahad Datu are still forming a long spam of news on my FB's newsfeed, starting from the cup of coffee served by our Police

to their violence disobedience and disregard to our law
to the unfortunate deaths of the police officers
to our retaliation with the help of armed forces (with AirAsia’s help)
to the ‘ceasefire’ they offered
to the current persecution of the villainous figures.
Sabah Invasion - AirAsia transporting army

And the spam continues.
Frankly-speaking, this is not a war or a battle.
This is simply an organized crime with massive weaponry, masquerading as Sulu nationalism, mainly to secure a part of the land of Sabah for their leader, unlikely to be the Sultan of Sulu. That leader or the leading perpetrator is still invisible to our national intelligence agency, mainly because this agency has little intelligence to begin with.

At his current state of health, Sultan of Sulu would rather spend his kingdom’s money to go China, get a kidney transplant and take him out of the dialysis routine, than to blow them all on bombs (no pun intended), rocket launchers and heavy machine guns.

Over the years, borders of Sabah had been left open without any worries mainly because any crisis that started there will unlikely to create chaos or escalate to the centre peninsular where centre of economy and governance are.
Secondly, it’s basically more of a fluid region rather thana hard state.

Sabah Invasion - UMNO Project IC
Thirdly, project I.C., besides serving the political triumph of Uncle M, it also manage to pacify the people that they are being very much welcomed into this hard state.
Sabah Invasion - Sulu Sultanate invaders
But the rules of the game change when heavy weapons came out into the picture.

Yet, our Defense Minister twittered the most unbecoming statement, belittling a group of people with heavy weapons.
If the similar situation was in Putrajaya, would those thugs be given the window for negotiation?

Sabah Invasion - Who in Charge

Instead of allowing media to report it and our nation’s top leader to come up with the major strike which inevitably happened, they continued to dumb down the less internet-savvy civilians about the sentinel events that had taken place.  

Conclusion is the top leaders do not give a damn about Sabah or its people.  Mainly because how most Sabahans will vote in the next GE would not change, even if you load them with lots of goodies or a crisis like this exploded in their face.
And the top 3 excuses for their apathetic attitude on this crisis are:

  1. We don’t want to cause any panic.
    What we don’t know cause more panic. How many of us, who are not in Sabah, near Lahad Datu, are actually shitting bricks when we know about the ‘invasion’.  Public panic is a pathetic excuse.
  2. We don’t want to reveal our police’s and army’s strength and strategy to the enemy.
    You mean from our radio and newspaper, the enemy can find out all those top secret stuff? I must read and listen more to mainstream news. Another pathetic excuse.
  3. It’s Anwar’s fault, anyway.
    Instead of focusing on the crisis, politicking takes priority. No wonder, the Russia’s meteor and the recent MU’s loss was Anwar’s fault as well.

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