May 7, 2013


Fond memories during secondary school came back to me.

It was a time when studying supposed to be the primary thing to do, yet lots of other activities took precedent.

Frankly-speaking, I was over-obsessed with extra-cocurricular activities.
For the few clubs which I had passion to serve and lead, there are one or two clubs which the teacher-in-charge forced it down the throat for me.

From managing the administrative and public relation of the people in the clubs and organisations, I grew more knowledge and experience in handling certain situations. But, most of the time, it is just sorting out who are the babies who needed much babysitting and who are the adult who mature and rise up to the occasion.

Together with my other awesome schoolmates, we organized and led the members by setting up good systematic schedule of activities and their respective responsibilities. As secondary school students, it is pretty obvious, having responsibilities and managing those responsibilities well is part and parcel of growing up.

In the Board of Librarians, we are divided into different teams where we would go on duty on each day and if there are shortage, initiative will be taken to ask for coverage from other teams where there are abundance.

It worked pretty well because the stringent admission interview to the Board, looking for only a simple sense of responsibility and insight.
At that point, we had a strong team of around 40-50 librarians.

Leaders are neither babysitters nor dictators.

Babies belong at home, not at workplace - it is pretty clear.
All the crying and urine bowel

Dictators belong to the gas chamber, not at workplace - because it will kill off the essence of teamwork.

Teamwork is a simple thing that most adults should know and cultivate, especially if those are the same cohorts who are supposed to be trained to be specialists.

Unfortunately, this simple beautiful value failed to be cultivated by some people, possibly due to (let me quote my professor) misspent youth.

There was a not-very-recent spat between colleagues where one refused to be equally rostered into operation theatre duties. The colleague quoted "If you do not wish to operate, don't be an effing gynaecologist."
Pardon the vulgarity, but it does sound logical.

Then, there was this recent spat (unknown to many) where another refused to be equally rostered for weekend ward rounds. It is a pain or nuisance, sometimes to work in weekends, yet it is part and parcel of the duty.

It really baffles me.
If one is interested and have passion in that field, why would you trying your best to escape from the thing that you love?

It is like you found the girl that you love and then trying your best to avoid her.

Maybe you don't really love her.
You can't rise up to the occasion.
You can't really love her as a whole.
Maybe you just want her as trophy wife/gf or her money.
Maybe, just maybe.

Point to ponder, really.

I guess sometimes, aging can have deleterious effect on people.
As some people ages, they returned to their infancy.

It came sooner, rather than later for some people.

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