May 9, 2013

For GE14: Talk to elders

I wore black on Monday, but I mourned more than the death of Malaysian democracy.
I was following the new leader's fashionwear. 

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Aside from Bangla, Black outs and Ballot boxes magic (3Bs), I'm sure the Blue Front would have win the simple majority in the election. 

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RPK mentioned it was the expected. Well, if he had written this article before the election and it came true after it, then it would be more credible. Now it sounds like a whole lot of smart bloated hot-air bullshit. 

Many said it was the rural votes overwhelming the urban votes, together with the well-placed and unchangeable gerrymandering. 

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But without two-third majority rule in Parliament, it is unlikely for the re-drawing of the boundaries to eliminate gerrymandering. 

I spoken to my family and relatives about the election. 
By right, I didn't speak to them, they took the initiative to speak to me. 

Their opening question is very straightforward and blunt. 
"So, who you're voting for?"

And further discussion will lead to few conclusions of their opinions 
1. They still think government servant will vote for The Blue Front being the government. 
2. The Blue Front is rich and the other Colors are just poor people. 
3. If the Blue Front lose, the whole country will go into Chaos. Fights, economic downturns, total Doomday.
4. What is in the radio, mainstream paper and TV is the truth, whole truth and nothing but truth.

Hey, this is coming from Penangites, semi-urban population with so many Ubah seminars.

I guess Red Front did win because of the growing wisdom of Penangites, but they win bigger because of the rising Branding and concert-like gathering of Red Front without real enlightenment. 

They labelled Blue Front as evil & devil and voted against it. 
In their mind, it is as simple as that. 

Simple, but dangerous. 

Extremely lethal and dangerous because 
1. There are devils, too, in Red Front. 
2. Blue Front have hardworking honest people,too and should be taken in as the check-and-balance opposition. 
3. They are becoming as blind as the blind Blue Front supporters. 

So, what really went wrong? And how can that help in GE14?

I think the real problem is lack of communication between the older generations in the kampongs and the new generations in the city. 

The kampongs lack internet and the people or retiree there wouldn't be Facebook-savvy or Whatsapp-savvy like those younger generations. 

And they have been blinded all this time since the period of Mahathirism. 

I had personally seen the banner in the entrance of one of the kampongs. 

It is not an election banner. 
It sounds more like a warning banner. 

"Ini Kampong BN, Parti Lain DILARANG MASUK". 

If the opposition supporters dare to step into the kampong, they may need heavy armor or bulletproof vest. 

But the children of the parents in the kampong have nothing to fear and can go in as they like. 

The parents will never listen to any stranger, even if he is a big shot politician from the opposition front. 
If only the children will go back to their own kampong regularly and tell them the truth in online media.... 
If only the children will call them more often and update regarding what is happening in the country... 
If only the children can tell them over and over and over that the country's wealth belongs to the people and not the governing party... 
If only the children can show them the videos of what really happening and how the local media spins them...
... despite the gerry-mandering, the Banglas, the Blackouts and the Ballot Box Magic, it isn't hard for the District A,B,C to turn YELLOW.

Photo: This is why BN won! 
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The only caveat is not everything online is verified to be true. 

Question 2: So do we take to the streets and take to the court for all the inconsistencies in the election? 

Answer: If it is against the law, should you just keep quiet and accept them blindly?
It may not change the final outcome, but we shouldn't accept what is wrong. 

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