May 28, 2013

My tactful Genevieve

My 2years old plus Daddy's gal was playing and running around mischievously.

Her grandma, my mom caught hold of her and brought her to a pause.

As Genevieve was struggling around on her grandma's lap, she popped a question, hoping to test any favoritism in me.

Since preconception,I had already told my mom that I prefer daughter rather than son.
I don't mean it though.
Just wanna overthrow my mom's conservative notion of preference for male children.

She asked: Genevieve, daddy sayang who the most?

I sat opposite to them.
Both of their eyes looked at me.

My mom's eyes briefly wander back to Genevieve 's face just to see her expression.
She appeared shy and after 5mins of sheepish smirk, she answered:

"MUMMY!! "

Wifey was over the moon hearing that.

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