Jun 1, 2013

Oscar awards Nominees

There I was, seeing referrals in Green Zone of Emergency Department.

A good-looking gentleman who was smiling at the entrance suddenly dramatically held his tummy hard and grimaced in pain.

Then he asked with a painful tone: I am in so much pain, can I be seen first...?

There was this classical grimace that everyone would recognize on a Sunday night. 
The one that will either wins an Oscar Award or M.C. for Monday. 

Everyone around was amused by the short theatrical entertainment, except for the house officer who was at the receiving end of that golden question.

And she put on a blank expression and calmly replied: 
I'm sorry Mr, you'll need to wait. It is normal to wait at least 6hours here.

The grimace continued till he was back outside at the waiting lounge. 

As I walked pass the waiting lounge a while later, that man was clearly seen. 
That man in 'severe pain' was happily flirting with his female companions. 


Yee said...

I should prolly suggest my hospital to put this sign up..

pilocarpine said...

Haha it would Take a miracle for some hospital to pUT this kind of sign up