Apr 7, 2009

rakyat vs nasional: 2 to 1

grateful to: Dr.T and A for good practical points in Paed.

another victory for the rakyat.

i guess releasing prisoners whom doesn't need to be imprison in the first place doesn't make a difference.

i guess setting up bus, airplanes, bicycle, keys, chicken, fish, umbrella and whatever into the equation doesn't really split the votes or make the rakyat any more confusing.

it only made the city much more merrier.
much more stimulating to the microeconomy.
not to mention, generating heaps and heaps of rubbish in the area of Bukit Selambau.

but, I am pretty surprise as I drive through the voting site around 7pm, I saw a young chap wrapping two shirts, one on forehead, another on the neck with a dagger in his mouth, trying to take out PKR's flag and cleaning up in the midst of rainfall. I guess it is really nice for Pakatan's thoughtful swift action to clean up their own mess, instead of going out partying after their winning.

anyway, i guess the prophecy may be true after all.
(No, not the teh-kor part, but the ... ends with the... part)

lastly, the jokes is on the rakyat's need for Viagra for firmly having grip on the 2 Bukits but
not able to get the Batang up.

but it is also the rakyat that will have the last laugh.
orgasm can be pretty mental sometimes.

without the people, there is no nation.

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